Opposite to the conventional concept and operation mode of urban planning, which is from macro to micro and from top to bottom, Q (the initial of pinyin “qu”, simplified Chinese: 趣, n. fun; adj. interesting) City Plan operates with a human-oriented spirit. The plan approaches the large-scale city by rediscovering its nooks and crannies, amending the sweeping generalizations and supplementing the grand narrative of traditional urban planning.

Q City Plan was initiated in Yantian District, Shenzhen in 2013 in the form of art installation, structure and landscape design. The Q City Plan features multiple and flexible formats, freedom to choose sites and projects, minimum cost and constructability while encouraging designers to take greater initiative in design, material selection, construction and cost management. The first edition of the Q City Plan received more than 60 proposals, 12 of which are now under construction in Yantian while drawing much attention in the contemporary press.

The Q City Plan International Design Competition is co-organized by the Shenzhen Urban Planning and Land Resources Committee, Shenzhen Yantian Government and China Building Centre (CBC). It invites all the design firms and designers in architecture, landscape, urban planning, design and art. We expect schemes that are both enlightening and feasible for the urban renewal for Yantian.


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